Sunday, 28 February 2010

Resident Evil - Words Of Wisdom


There are some great lines in Resident Evil, especially in the earlier games.
The characters often state the obvious, or miss things completely!
Some people hate them, but I love them! Here's a little collection of the best!

"That was too close. You were almost a Jill sandwich."

Barry says this to Jill after he rescues her from a falling ceiling.
This is referenced in Capcom's Dead Rising game,
which features a restaurant named "Jill's Sandwiches".
In the remake of RE1, the line is replaced with a slightly different version:
"That was a close one! A second later, and you would have fit nicely into a sandwich!"
I prefer the original!

"Jill, here's a lockpick. It might be handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you."

Barry again, to Jill when he gives her a lockpick.
This is also referenced in Dead Rising where you can find a paper
saying that "Jill is the master of sandwich making" in the restaurant.

"What is this?!" & "What is it?!"

Barry once again! For someone in an elite squad, he can be a little dim!
He says these lines at various times in the game, including when they first enter the mansion,
when a gunshot is heard when they're in the hall, when he finds some blood in the dining room,
when the first zombie bursts through the dining room door (unless you kill it first), and again after he has killed it.

"Jill, have you found anything interesting?"

Barry, after Jill has killed the snake in the room with the piano and
fireplace, as he walks through the remains of said giant snake!

"Chris is our old partner, ya know."

Barry says this, asking to go with Jill, at the start of the game.

"I'm really... embarrassed..."

Who else could this be?! Barry of course! Depending on how you played the game,
he says this in a few different places, after Jill has beaten the Tyrant he set loose
in the lab, in the underground tunnels and near the heliport at the end.

"Wesker is a crazy man!"

Probably the single most sensible thing Barry has ever said!
Right before he does the most stupid thing ever in the lab!

"I have THIS!"

Barry, after Jill worries about taking Acid Rounds off him. He holds up his
Colt Python proudly - in all fairness, it is a great gun, so you can't blame him!

"Don't be upset. All weak people exist to be eaten."

Said by Wesker in the lab just before he becomes a kebab!

"There is Serum..."

Richard to Jill outside the snake room. He's barely able to talk for most of
the conversation, but for this line he manages to remain perfectly lucid!

"Don't Shoot! I'm a human!

Claire states the obvious to Kendo.

"Sorry about that babe!"

Kendo says this to Claire near the start of the game after he
nearly shoots her when she comes into his gun shop.

"And to think that taxidermy used to be my hobby..."

Chief Irons, with the corpse of the Mayor's daughter draped over his desk. Nice!

Wait, Sherry!

Claire to Sherry, every two minutes! She has an annoying habit of running off all the time!

"Just get away from me!"

Dario says this to Jill near the start of the game if you go up to the container he locks himself in.
I love this line because he says in a much deeper, gruffer voice than any other line, which just sounds funny!


Nemesis growls his mission to kill all S.T.A.R.S. members everytime he sees one - scary!

"All the foxy ladies love my accent!"

Carlos, trying to pick up Jill, who isn't too amused!

"I didn't know you were still alive Jill!"

Brad to Jill. I love this line because
he pronounces "alive" as "al-aah-ve"

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