Monday, 30 March 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - File Location Guide - Episode 1 - Penal Colony

Rules For Monitoring Test Subjects

After breaking the glass and entering the room, the file is on a desk to the left.

Improving Security Measures

Move through the cell area into the room with arched windows. The file is on the desk to the right of the Detention Center Map.

Excerpt From Kafka's "In The Penal Colony"

In the Kog puzzle area, the file is on a wicker chair in the dead end corridor.

Prisoner's Letter

In the third cell on the right in the jail area.

Excerpt From Kafka's "The Trial"

In the library room, the file is on a bookshelf in the centre of the room.

Caution For Experiment Handling

On a shelf in the filing room off the main cell corridor.

Escape Report

On a desk in the Control Room.

Prisoner's Journal

In the fourth cell on the left after exiting the Control Room (we have circled this in red).

Escapee's Note

In the cabin near the breakable lock (we have circled this in red).

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Resident Evil 5 - Lost In Nightmares - Wish Upon A Star - Trophy/Achievement Guide

This is a guide for all the BP Stars located in Resident Evil 5's Lost In Nightmares that count towards the Wish Upon A Star trophy. You need to collect all of these in one run through for it to count, and as one of the stars can only be hit using Jill, you cannot get this trophy if you play with Chris. All these Stars are worth 500BP except for No. 9, which is worth 1000BP. This guide does not include BP Stars that you find hidden in breakable objects or those that are dropped by enemies when you kill them.

1. Go behind the stairs in the Main Hall. The BP Star is on the lantern on the ceiling.

2. High above the main door on the arch. You can see this better from the top level of the hall.

3. Climb the stairs in the Main Hall and go through the gate on the right. Move around to the side of the Hall and you will see the BP Star on the chandelier.

4. Exit the door on the upper right side of the Hall and follow the corridor around. The Star is next to two plates on a chest at the end.

5. After the assist jump in the Main Hall, enter the upper Dining Room. Move to the right and the Star is in the upper corner of the room. You can only get this star if you are playing as Jill.

6. In the lower Dining Room, the Star is behind the chimes of the Grandfather Clock. This star can be hit with your knife.

7. Exit the Dining Room and go through the door into the bathroom. The Star is above a urinal on a high shelf.

8. In the storage room, head for the cage straight ahead to find the Star inside. Although it looks like this can be hit with your knife, you must shoot it.

9. The Star is on the ceiling of the trap room, directly ahead of the entrance. You must shoot it as soon as the trap starts to move or you will miss your chance. You can get this with either character, it doesn't matter if you are in the trap room or outside it, but you must be quick!

10. In the area with the lever to rescue your partner from the trap room, the Star is on the ceiling up a dead end corridor to the left as you enter.

11. Before jumping down to the prison area look down and right. The star is visible between the planks. You can also get this by looking up high once you have jumped down.

12. In the prison area a test subject is holding a Star in the cell at the end on the right hand side.

13. In the prison area, follow the corridor around to the left and step into the patch of light. Turn 180 degrees and you will see the Star up above, on the edge of the upper walkway.

14. In the cell on the upper level on the right hand side.

15. Run downstairs, go left past the dead bodies and the Star is on the shelves ahead. You can hit this with your knife.

16. Behind bars just before you get to the staircase.

17. After using the Jail Key, cross the drawbridge and follow the path all the way round. The Star is behind bars to the left.

18. After climbing from the trap area, take the stairs to the covered passageway. The Star is on the wall to the left as you enter. It is possible to knife it with luck, but you can also retrieve a gun and return to hit it.
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