Friday, 6 February 2015

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Map Location Guide

This is a complete guide to all of the maps found in the Remaster of Resident Evil. The walkthrough was made with the PS3 HD version (released in 2015) but is also compatible with the other HD versions and the GameCube remake. Most of the maps even appear in the original 1996 version although there are some new areas in the later games.

We cannot guarantee that the walkthrough is spoiler-free, so we recommend that you have played through the whole game at least once before using our guide. We also do not hold your hand between maps or tell you what to kill or use, when or how.

Some maps require a key before you can enter the room they are found in. It is assumed that you would already have the relevant item in your inventory. Some maps require other items before you can retrieve them, which we have noted in the walkthrough.

Note that some maps, such as the Altar, do not have a physical map to collect, they simply load when you enter the area. We have not included these.

We hope that our guide is useful to you. Please enjoy!

Mansion 1F

In the room with the statue of a Woman Drawing Water, push the chest that partly blocks the open doorway until it is against the statue. Climb up and take the map from her pitcher.

Mansion 2F

In the room with an unlit fireplace, place the Wooden Mount in the space above and use your Lighter. The flames will heat an impression of the map which will burn onto the paper.

The Wooden Mount can be found on top of a chest of drawers in the U-shaped corridor nearby (we have marked this with a W). As Chris you hold a Lighter by default. As Jill you will collect the Lighter in the Study with the chess board on 2F (we have marked this with an L).


In the Cabin in the woods, the map is attached to the wall at the top of a small set of wooden steps.


At the end of the corridor containing doors to the Gallery and room 002, examine the wall to discover this map. Be warned however, that the map is covering a hole in the wall and if you remove it, bees will swarm into the corridor and make a pest of themselves every time you go through here. The solution to this problem can be found elsewhere in the Residence. You can remove the map now though if the bees don't bother you!

Aqua Ring

After entering the Control Room, descend the ladder and go to the table containing a white board (this section is very well hidden and the camera angle can hinder you. This area is near the office chair). The map is on the wall beyond.

Courtyard B1

After escaping from the Black Tiger Spider room, examine the wall at the dead end of the corridor.


In the Visual Data Room, the map is on the front of a glass cabinet. It is clearly visible (we have circled it in red) when standing near the passcode input, but is impossible to see when you are right in front of it, as shown in our second screenshot.

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