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Resident Evil HD Remaster - Chris Speed Run Guide

This is a speed run guide for Chris' story in the Remaster of Resident Evil. The walkthrough was made with the PS3 HD version (released in 2015) but is also compatible with the other HD versions and the GameCube remake.

There are many advantages to completing a speed run. Most notably, unlocking the unlimited Rocket Launcher, which will be awarded for a time under 3 hours on Normal difficulty or higher.

We recommend that you have a good knowledge of the environments featured in the game and the enemies you'll encounter. This guide is not intended to help those on a first run-through and is not spoiler free. We recommend an initial thorough exploration of all maps to enable them to sink into your memory.

In order to create an at-a-glance guide, we have invented a shorthand in which we give areas a nickname of sorts. For example, rather than "East Wing Save Room", we refer to "Barry's Save Room" as we feel that the memory of story events is more likely to jog your memory in a hurry than confusing compass-based directions. This works for us at least!

We do not list every area that you will pass through all the time, as we again assume that you have a decent knowledge of the game's geography and how to get from A to B. However, we have pointed out the most useful shortcuts and recommend that you make full use of them. For example, by simply unlocking the gate after the Crow Puzzle Room you can avoid many unnecessary enemy encounters. This shortcut is also useful if the door near Barry's Save Room breaks, which is more likely on higher difficulties.

Using this walkthrough, which was compiled over 3 play-throughs, including a knife-only run, we have successfully completed a speed run on Hard difficulty in 2 hours 35 minutes. Admittedly, this was with the Unlimited Rocket Launcher, which was unlocked upon completion of a Jill Speed Run. However, our item management in this guide is based on 4 free slots assuming that you are carrying a weapon and its ammo at all times. The Rocket Launcher did save us time, especially on larger enemies like Yawn, Plant 42 and Tyrant, but with 25 minutes spare, there should be plenty of time to kill things without it.

None of our speed runs have been perfect (enemies grabbed us, camera angle/control issues, human error) so it just goes to show that you don't need to panic if you make a small mistake and practice will make perfect in the end. However, do not dawdle (except when carrying the Fuel in the Laboratory) and do not attempt to kill everything. Especially on Normal Mode or higher you won't have time to collect enough ammo, so avoid what you can and use your Defence Items wisely. We have noted in the walkthrough which enemies have to be killed in order to proceed, so you can avoid everything else in theory.

We have not included herb, ammo or Ink Ribbon pick-ups as we will leave it up to your discretion. This guide is strict on item management for maximum efficiency, but there is almost always a spare inventory space for emergencies or an item box close by. An example of an optional, but useful pick-up is the Self Defence Gun in the Residence. It can only fire one shot, but is extremely useful towards the end of the game where your ammo will be scarce. You should also be aware that we have made few save suggestions so again, this is at your discretion whenever you pass through or near a Save Room. On the plus side, a speed run is a perfect time to try for the no-save achievement!

Don't forget that some items need to be examined or combined to create a final product. For example, the Last Book Vol 1 needs to be examined to reveal the Medal Of Eagle. We have written such cases as a flow chart for quick reference.

If you are prompted in-game to discard an item (usually a key), always do so as it will free up valuable space and the game doesn't try to trick you (as we used to think in the PS1 version!). You will not need this item again.

We have provided all codes or solutions to save you the time of back-tracking, but be aware that some puzzles have random solutions and we have indicated the steps required to solve them as quickly as possible.

Instructions in brackets are optional or scenario-specific instructions which may not apply to your run-through.

Please be careful if you want to take a break from the game as pausing does not stop the clock. The best thing to do is stop playing after you save and quit the game completely, reloading when you are ready to continue. We also suggest skipping cutscenes for the same reason - although we're not sure if this contributes to game time, it doesn't hurt, especially as you've probably seen them all a few times by the time you're ready to do a speed run.

As a final note, we suggest that you ask a friend to read the guide to you whilst you play if possible, just as a rally driver relies on a co-driver for navigation. It is very useful to be aware of your next few moves whilst carrying out the task in hand, as standing around working out your next direction would eventually rack up time. This is how we did it, but if this isn't possible for you, just memorise a section at a time until you get a continuous flow. By the end of it, you could do it in your sleep!

We hope that our guide is useful to you. Please enjoy!


Once you have control, proceed in this order:

Kenneth Corridor

Dining Room

Hall - pick up Jill's gun

Dining Room

Kenneth Corridor

Crow Corridor with Birdcage

Mirror Corridor

Pick up Golden Arrow - Arrowhead

Back to Hall

Out to Graveyard

Unlock Crypt with Arrowhead

Collect Book Of Curses - Sword Key (this key is gold and diamond shaped)

Dining Room - Kenneth's Corridor - use Sword Key down the stairs on Kitchen - get Old Key on shelf

Upper Hall - unlock Sword Key door

U-shaped Corridor

Study With Gramophone - Dog Whistle

Upper Dining Room - use Sword Key

(Pop downstairs to Rebecca's Save Room, drop Knife)

Back to Upper Rebecca Save Room Corridor - use Old Key

Dog Yard - Use Whistle, kill dog, get Collar - Coin - Imitation Key

Unlock door and go through - drop Dog Whistle on leaving

Via Kenneth Corridor and Crow Corridor to Trap Corridor

Take Armor Key (this key is silver) , use Imitation Key

Back to Crow Corridor, Kenneth Corridor to Upper Hall

U-shaped Corridor - use Armor Key on small door and enter to trigger Richard

Enter Knights Puzzle Room via Armor Key double doors

Solve Puzzle - push knights in this order - back right (staff), bottom left (axe) bottom right (shield) - press switch

Get Jewelry Box, solve Puzzle - two halves of heart (front & back of box) - get Death Mask Without Eyes, Nose Or Mouth

Back to Hall via U-shaped Corridor

Woman Drawing Water Room, use Sword Key and discard it

Dog Corridor

Closeup Corridor - Enter Bathroom, drain bath, get Old Key

Back out, use Old Key on door

Outer Yard - pick up Chemical To Use On Plants

Close Up Corridor

Lower Corridor Outside Barry's Save Room

Barry's Save Room - drop off Mask Without Eyes, Nose Or Mouth, pick up Old Key by Typewriter

Barry's Save Room Lower Corridor

Use Armor Key

Crow Puzzle Room

Solve Puzzle - Orange Bracelet, Purple Necklace, Green Crown - add colours by pressing the closest switch after entering then pressing the first two switches after rounding the corner

Hidden Area, pick up Mask Without Mouth, unlock gate with Old Key

Through gate, back to Hall via Graveyard

Upper Dining Room

Rebecca's Save Room Upper Corridor

Rebecca's Save Room Lower Corridor

Rebecca's Save Room - drop off Mask Without Mouth, pick up Serum (from shelf)

Out to Rebecca's Save Room Lower Corridor

Use Armor Key - Rattling Window Corridor

Rattling Wardrobe Room - check wardrobe to trigger zombie, get Old Key from wardrobe

Out to Rebecca's Save Room Lower Corridor

Rebecca's Save Room - drop Armor Key

Out to Rebecca's Save Room Lower Corridor

Use Old Key, get Broken Shotgun

Rattling Window Corridor

Greenhouse - use Chemical - red pipe - get Mask Without Eyes

Rattling Window Corridor, unlock door, out to Kenneth's Corridor, Upper Hall, U-shaped Corridor

Richard's Corridor - if Richard is still alive at this point, Chris will use the Serum

Candelabra Room - light candle, push shelf, get Musical Score

U-shaped Corridor - use Study With Gramophone as a shortcut to avoid a lurking zombie

Barry's Save Room - drop off Mask Without Eyes and Serum (if you still have it), pick up Armor Key (silver)

Barry's Save Room Lower Corridor, Crow Puzzle Room, Graveyard Shortcut to Hall

Dining Room

Kenneth's Corridor

Open Armor Key door

Piano Room - Push shelf to get Musical Score - combine - Moonlight Sonata

Use Moonlight Sonata, play Piano, let Rebecca practice

Go to Barry's Save Room Lower Corridor

Shotgun Room - get Shotgun - replace with Broken Shotgun to avoid becoming a Chris Sandwich

Back to Dining Room get Emblem

Back to Piano Room, get Gold Emblem, replace with Emblem (If Rebecca is not ready, wander around the mansion and keep checking back every minute or so, there is spare time and you can't proceed anyway)

Back to Dining Room - use Gold Emblem - solve clock puzzle - large cog twice left - 6 o'clock - Shield Key (this key is a rusty gold)

Back to U-shaped Corridor, Richard's Corridor, use Shield Key and discard it

Yawn's Attic - avoid Yawn, get Mask Without Nose

U-shaped Corridor - use Study to avoid zombie - Barry's Save Room - get all 4 masks, drop Armor Key (silver key) Make sure you have a powerful gun/lots of ammo as well

Back to Hall, Graveyard

Crypt - use 4 masks, check coffin, kill Crimson Head, push switch, get Stone & Metal Object

Use Crow Puzzle Room Shortcut to Barry's Save Room Lower Corridor, out to Path to Shed - use Stone & Metal Object

In Shed, go down steps and out to Garden With Weather Vanes - solve puzzle - blue to North, red to West

Get to Cabin - get Square Crank

Back to Shed, out to Courtyard With Dogs

Crank Path - use Square Crank

Go through Courtyard With Waterfall, along Pathway to Residence, into Residence

Residence Save Room - drop off Square Crank

Pool/Spider Room - get Red Book downstairs on bar, light all three candles and note the pattern and colour of each. They correspond to the pool balls on the table - red=3, green=6, orange=5. Make a note of the candle clues as they are random each time.

Room 002 - push shelves, get Key for Room 001 in bathroom

Room 001 - discard key, get Control Room Key in bathroom (drain water in bath)

Room 002 - Drop down to Underground Passage, push boxes - start with furthest away and work backwards

Aqua Ring - run to double doors, use Control Room Key and discard

Control Room - press switch to drain water, release safety, pull pressure shutter lever, switch oil pressure (for the solution, after entering the Control Room, descend the ladder and go to the table containing a white board which will tell you which oil pressure switch to use - this section is very well hidden and the camera angle can hinder you. This area is near the office chair), release safety, pull lever, drain water

Lower Aqua Ring - go for key, push control panel off ledge, pull lever, fry shark, get Gallery Key

Back to Residence

Gallery - get Insecticide Spray

Bee Corridor - take Map, use Insecticide Spray

Gallery - use code on Chemicals Room door - Refer to your notes regarding the Pool/Spider Room - match the symbol on the keypad with its corresponding pool ball colour and number. We refer to the symbols as eye with horns, eye with lashes and eye with stripe. Basically the code is a combination of the numbers 3, 5 and 6 - don't go in

Gallery - get Key for Room 003 - use key, discard key

Room 003 - pick up White Book, use Red Book, solve puzzle

Go through door to Plant 42 Room -

(As Rebecca - Chemicals Room - pick up 4 Glass Bottles, collect and mix: water + red, purple + yellow, water + yellow, 10 + 7, 17 + red to make V-Jolt. To Upper Aqua Ring, Guard Room, use V-Jolt on roots, discard and leave room)

kill Plant 42, get Helmet Key from fireplace

Back to Mansion, Barry's Save Room Upper Corridor, to Fireplace Room, use Helmet Key

Room With Moving Walls - push statue to far end, press switch, push statue into alcove

Drop drown, get Last Book Vol.1 - Medal of Eagle

Press switch, enter Grave

Spider Corridor, follow path to B1 Corridor, restore power by switching fuse

Unlock door, go through Kitchen, use elevator

Elevator Corridor Store Room - get Battery

Unlock door to Mirror Corridor, unlock door to Upper Dining Room, Rebecca's Save Room Upper Corridor, use Helmet Key

Bird Puzzle Room - turn off light, push chest, get Red Gemstone from Deer head (on door side of room)

Rebecca's Save Room - drop off Medal of Eagle, Battery

Upper Dining Room, Hall, Lower Hall - use Helmet Key

Art Room - Mirrored Wall Room - get Jewelry Box - combine with Red Gemstone - solve puzzle using the d-pad for accuracy - get Brooch - Spencer Family Emblem Key

Kenneth's Corridor, Crow Corridor With Birdcage, Trap Corridor - use Helmet Key and discard it

Yawn's Library - Kill Yawn, get Last Book Vol. 2 - Medal of Wolf

Use Graveyard Shortcut

Barry's Save Room Lower Corridor - use Spencer Family Emblem Key and discard - switch on lamp, get Metal Object - ignore Rebecca's scream

Barry's Save Room - pick up Battery, Square Crank, drop Medal of Wolf, Metal Object

Out to Courtyard With Dogs, to Crank Path

Courtyard With Fountain - use Battery, take elevator up

Courtyard With Dogs - Crank Path - use Square Crank

Courtyard With Dogs - take elevator down

Run through Waterfall Path into Slippery Slimey Cave - drop Square Crank, pick up Survival Knife

Elevator Chamber - take Shaft

Enrico's Corridor - take Hexagon Crank

Back to Slippery Slimey Cave - use Hexagon Crank

Flamethrower Corridor - Examine boulder on right side, avoid!

Black Tiger Room - use knife on web across door

3rd Boulder Corridor - use Hexagonal Crank thrice, avoid boulder - go left

Turntable Room - solve statue puzzle - get Cylinder - combine with Shaft - Cylinder Shaft

Elevator Chamber - use Cylinder Shaft, code - 4231

Take Elevator

Lisa's Circular Path - Material Transport Room - push box, push switch

Back to Trash Compactor - push box, use Compactor - get Broken Flamethrower

Lisa's Circular Path - pull timed lever, run round, use Broken Flamethrower in hooks

Go through water to Lisa's Bedroom - get Jewelry Box - Stone Ring

Up ladder, out of Cabin, through woods, pick up Stone & Metal Object from by blue door, back to Barry's Save Room - drop Hexagon Crank, Survival Knife, pick up Metal Object, combine with Stone Ring - Stone & Metal Object

Use Graveyard Shortcut

Hall - use both Stone & Metal Objects on door behind stairs

Altar stairway - pick up Medal of Eagle, Medal of Wolf

Altar - push 4 stones, use elevator

Circular Courtyard - use Medal of Eagle and Medal of Wolf

Down steps, use elevator

Lab Entrance

Down stairs to Square Corridor

Double doors to Small Security Room - use computer to unlock both doors - username - John, password Ada, 2nd password - Cell

Visual Data Room - use passcode machine - 8462 - get Power Area Key

Unlock both Power Area Doors - discard key. Use only single door

Power Room 1 - get Fuel Supply Capsule

Fuel Storage Room - get Fuel - DO NOT RUN WITH FUEL

Power Room 1 - set Fuel Supply Capsule

Power Room 3 - switch on power

Elevator Corridor - use switch, take elevator

Tyrant Room - down Tyrant, release door lock, (check near Wesker to obtain Master Key in certain scenarios - if nothing is sparkling, you don't need it)

Use elevator

Lab Lounge - stock up on ammo/herbs, save, leave 1 spare inventory slot

(If you obtained the Master Key, use it here) Emergency Passageway - get Fuse Unit, use Fuse Unit

Take Elevator

Heliport - get Signal Rocket, launch Signal Rocket (kill Tyrant)

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