Sunday, 28 February 2010

Resident Evil & Me

I first saw Resident Evil after my boyfriend and his friend bought it with their brand new PlayStations.
They loved it so much they went straight out to buy Resident Evil 2. I loved watching them play even though I was terrible!
I was good at puzzle solving though, so I watched and helped while they did all the work!
On the day Resident Evil 3 came out they picked me up from college and we went to buy it.
We rushed home and spent the evening screaming as Nemesis chased us around!
Never again have we played a Resident Evil game after dark!

Next was Code Veronica - we bought a Dreamcast especially so we could play it.
The same went for a PlayStation 2 and Code Veronica X. Our student loans took a battering back then!

After a long time of trying to decide if it was worth it, we finally bought a Game Cube with the Resident Evil remake and Zero.
This time it wasn't the main reason for getting the console, but it was the deciding factor!
We debated getting Resident Evil 4 for a long time because we were scared that it was going to be
too different, but we finally gave in and enjoyed it.

Over the years we've got quite a few bits of merchandise, including...

Games - Resident Evil 1 (PSX and Saturn), Resident Evil Director's Cut (PSX),
Resident Evil 2 (PSX and N64), Resident Evil 3 (PSX and PC),
Code Veronica (Dreamcast and X on PS2), Resident Evil Remake (Game Cube),
Resident Evil Zero (Game Cube), Resident Evil 4 (Game Cube),
Resident Evil Gaiden (GameBoy Color), Survivor (PSX), Outbreak (PS2), Dead Aim (PS2)
and more I think I've forgotten!

I've seen on a few sites that apparently you're very lucky if you have
a copy of the original game on a working Saturn, and we think so too!
Our Saturn has no sound (we have no idea why!) but we have played
the game a bit and it's fun to spot the differences!

We have all the Resident Evil soundtracks and the films, which I love!
We also have the first movie poster on our living room wall.

We have a lot of the Resident Evil novels by SD Perry:

We have a load of action figures that I'm really proud of - I wandered into Forbidden Planet one day after Uni
not expecting to find anything interesting and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw
the ToyBiz Resident Evil figures in a corner, with low prices!
I snapped up my favourite - Mr X - and rushed home brandishing it in my boyfriend's face!
We went back in the same day and bought one of everything they had.
They've since only had a huge Nemesis figure in there, but it was way out of our price range and now it's gone!

Here's some pics of the figures in boxes (I found these online)

Mr X - William & Sherry Birkin - William G3/G4 - Claire Redfield & zombie cop

Leon S Kennedy & Licker - Ada Wong & Ivy

And here's a picture of my actual collection - including Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and WWE wrestler Kurt Angle! :)

I love these figure but they have a few quirks! William G3/G4 will only stand up if we support him with his claws behind him,
Leon has a really odd leg position that requires delicate repositioning to get him to stay standing,
Sherry is a pain and we have a little blu-tac under her feet so she stays put, and Ada keeps loosing her gun!

On top of this I've made a few myself - customised Barbie and Ken dolls.
So far I've made a Jill with Resident Evil 1 and 3 costumes, a Wesker (Code Veronica) and Ada's Resident Evil 4 dress.
I'm planning on eventually making all the characters, but I have a little way to go!

I haven't got pictures of all the dolls yet, but here are some of my Ada outfit - modelled by my Lucy Lui doll.

Resident Evil - Weapons

Combat Knife

Not very powerful and only useful at close range.

H&K VP70

Standard issue handgun.

H&K VP70 Burst

Modified handgun capable of firing quick 3-shot bursts.

Grenade Launcher

Powerful weapon with a large spread, but short range.

Can use regular, flame and acid rounds.

Flame Thrower

Not good for long range attacks, but great on plants.

Desert Eagle

This magnum is a powerful and accurate weapon.

Custom Desert Eagle

Even more powerful than the regular Desert Eagle, but with a massive kickback.

Cross Bow

Fast firing rate but not too accurate.


Machine gun that fires a continuous stream of bullets.


Shotgun that is great at close range but gets less
powerful as the distance from the traget grows.

Remington Custom

Modified version of the shotgun, gives a more concentrated blast.

Spark Shot

Short range bursts of 10 thousand volts of elecricity.

Colt SAA

Rapid fire version of the standard handgun.


Is almost useless, but better than nothing!

M92F Pistol

Jill's standard hangun which uses 9mm parable bullets.

ST1 Eagle 6.0 Pistol

Superior to the M42F, it uses the same bullets.

M3S Shotgun

Uses 12 gauge shells and capable of blowing
a zombie's head off if you aim correctly.

HK-P Grenade Launcher

Powerful but slow to reload.
It takes four different types of ammo:
Grenade, Flame, Ice and Acid rounds.

S&W M629C Magnum

Packs a big punch with it's .44 bullets.
Blows the heads of zombies with no
aiming and great against Nemesis.

M37 Shotgun

More powerful than the M3S but uses the same ammo.

Mine Thrower

Prototype weapon used by Umbrella.
It's ammo is equiped with a sensor that tracks a
target and latches onto it.

M4A1 Assault Rifle

Automatic gun used by Carlos that Jill can earn.
It'll rip things to shreds pretty quickly.

Gatling Gun

You can earn the money to buy this.
More powerful than the assault rifle,
and with infinite ammo.

M66 Rocket Launcher

The most powerful weapon in the game.
You can find one with 4 shots in the game,
or buy an infinite one when you have the money.

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Standard hunting knife with a serrated edge.

Good if your ammo runs out, but only
does light damage at close range.

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S.T.A.R.S. Handgun

Custom handgun created for S.T.A.R.S. officers.

It is an automatic hangun with a special
sliding bridge to help prevent jamming.

It has a double safety lock to prevent
use by criminals if it's stolen.

These guns were made by the Kendo Gun Shop
at the request of Barry Burton.

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Military Police 9mm Handgun

Standard-issue Army automatic
handgun, used by Billy.

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.50 calibre automatic handgun capable
of firing large-millimeter Magnum rounds.

Packs a big punch with a big recoil.

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Molotov Cocktail

Crude handmade firebombs.

A glass bottle filled with gasolene with
a gasolene soaked rag in the neck.

The rag is lit and the bottle thrown.
The glass shatters on impact, covering the
target with burning gasolene.

Hunting Gun

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Two shot Western-style shotgun.

And older weapon, but still compatable with most 12 gauge shotgun shells.

Powerful weapon with a good range due to it's long barrel.


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Pump action shotgun capable of firing 12 gauge bullets in a burst pattern.

Holds seven shells at one time.

Grenade Launcher

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Hand-held launcher device that can fire a variety of 20mm explosive shells.

Ammo includes regular grenades, acid shells and incendiary napalm grenades.

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