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Resident Evil - Female Character Bios

Here you'll find personal and professional info on the characters of Resident Evil.
Beware of some major plot spoilers for both the games and films.

This list is alphabetical, by first name.

Name - Ada Wong

Occupation - Corporate spy, works for an unknown agency

Appears in - Resident Evil 2 and 4

Trivia - Her signature colour is red.
She worked with Wesker, who saved her life, in Resident Evil 2
and against him in Resident Evil 4.

Actors - Sally Cahill (2 and 4)

Name - Alexia Ashford

Occupation - Umbrella researcher

Appears in - Resident Evil Code Veronica

Trivia - The Alexia on Rockfort Island is actually her twin brother Alfred in drag.
The real Alexia wakes from her cryogenic sleep in the Antarctic Facility as Alfred dies.
The twins were created using the DNA of the founder of the Ashfords - Veronica.

Actors - Leila Johnson (CV)

Name - Alice

Occupation - Umbrella Special Forces covert operative, then rogue agent

Appears in - Resident Evil Movie, Apocalypse and Extinction

Trivia - Alice is exposed to various viruses, giving her superhuman abilities

Actors - Milla Jovovich (All films)

Name - Ashley Graham

Occupation - Student (probably)

Appears in - Resident Evil 4

Trivia - Is the daughter of the President of the United States.
Was implanted with a Plaga parasite.

Actors - Carolyn Lawrence (4)

Name - Claire Redfield

Occupation - College student

Appears in - Resident Evil 2, Code Veronica and Extinction

Trivia - She loves motorbikes.
The logos on her jackets "Made in Heaven" and "Let Me Live" are titles of Queen songs.
Is Chris' little sister.

Actors - Alyson Court (2 and CV), Ali Larter (Extinction)

Name - Elza Walker

Occupation - College student

Appears in - Resident Evil 1.5 (Beta version of Resident Evil 2)

Trivia - Is very similar to Claire Redfield, who
replaced her in the final version of Resident Evil 2.
Loves motorbikes and came to Raccoon City to find fellow racers.

Actors - unknown

Name - Jill Valentine

Occupation - Ex US Army Delta Force member, she was recruited to
S.T.A.R.S. then left after disagreements about the mansion incident.

Appears in - Resident Evil 1, 3 and Apocalypse.

Trivia - Is known as "the master of unlocking".

Actors - Lisa Faye (1), Catherine Disher (3),
Heidi Anderson (Remake), Sienna Guillory (Apocalypse)

Name - Rain Ocampo

Occupation - Umbrella commando

Appears in - Resident Evil Movie

Trivia - Was bitten by and turned into a zombie.
Her surname is Melendez in the novelization.

Actors - Michelle Rodriguez (Movie)

Name - Rebecca Chambers

Occupation - S.T.A.R.S. medic and chemical specialist

Appears in - Resident Evil 1 and 0

Trivia - In Resident Evil 0, Rebecca's features are modelled on J-Pop Empress Ayumi Hamasaki

Actors - Lynn Harris (1), Hope Levy (Remake)

Name - Sherry Birkin

Occupation - Student

Appears in - Resident Evil 2

Trivia - Is the daughter of William and Anette Birkin.
Carried a sample of the G-Virus in her locket.
Was taken into custody by the U.S. Government.

Actors - Lisa Yamanaka (2)

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