Monday, 5 August 2013

Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode - BP Star Walkthrough - Trench - Stages 5-8

Stage 5 - Guest Cabin - 3240BP

In the doorless room marked "Magazzino" (in Campaign there is a weapon box in here), walk around the crates and there is a star on the back of the highest one. 220BP

After using the old key in the area with broken display cases, move along the corridor as far as the corner. Turn 180 degrees and the star is on the arch ahead. 220BP

In the balcony area above the library, where you get the old key, head into the door marked "Toilette" instead of using the key. Head towards the green herb at the end and turn 180 degrees to see the star hidden behind the open door of a cubicle. You can pick this up. 2800BP

Stage 6 - Promenade Deck - 5070BP

From the Bridge, go down the stairs, round the corridor and enter the Conference Room on the right. Directly opposite the door is a wall safe with a score star waiting to be picked up inside. 210BP

From the Bridge, go down the stairs, round the corridor and enter the Master's Cabin on the left with the Helm symbol on the door. The star is on the top middle shelf of the central bookcase and can be shot from either side. 1550BP

Enter the lower Promenade Deck through the double Lifebouy doors. Go under the bridge and turn left into Cafe De Louvre. The star is on the top section of second pillar inside the cafe, the one with the square table next to it. 210BP

Downstairs in the Promenade Deck, enter the Le Chant De La Sirene, turn to your right and look for an overturned square table. The star is propped up behind it and is very well hidden (we have circled this in red). It can be hit with your knife. 3100BP

Stage 7 - Terragrigia 1 - 3980BP

In the downstairs entrance hall, head to the far left corner (the bottom left of your map). The star is at the base of a metal support pillar and can be picked up. 190BP

In the downstairs entrance hall, take the right staircase when facing away from the entrance doors (the top right of your map). Turn right at the top and look up high to see the star on the side of a metal support pillar (we have circled this in red). 1800BP

Just before the stairwell door, check behind the last orange Caution Evacuation Order sign. The star is on the floor beneath it. 190BP

At the helipad, turn 180 degrees just before you go up the stairs. The star is on the roof of the building you just came from (we have circled this in red). 1800BP

Stage 8 - Crew Quarters Area 3 - 5400BP

In the Casino, head down the escalator and go towards the gaming table to the right. The star is on the base of a Nepture's Wave machine in the roped-off area (we have circled this in red). 150BP

Once you are in the tunnels with fans, a Pincer Ooze will drop down from a ladder. Before climbing up here, look up the shaft and the star will be on the right wall (we have circled this in red). 150BP

When you drop down into the area with the cargo elevator, turn right and follow the path. After you turn the corner, turn to your left and the star is on the second crane, above the hook. 1650BP

After using the elevator, take the first left and follow the path all the way back to the outside door of the ship (this is where you enter the ship when you first play the game). Go out of the door, down the small ramp and around to the right. With your character's left side to the shutter look up and the star is on a support beam. 3300BP

Go through the door marked with an anchor, and head between the bunks to the small room beyond. Turn 180 degrees and the star is above the doorway. 150BP

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