Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode - BP Star Walkthrough - Abyss - Stages 17-20

Stage 17 - Laboratory - 13190BP

From the start of the stage look up and left. The star is on the end of the neutralising agent gun on the ceiling (we have circled this in red). You can also get this from the inner area. 2350BP

After using the old key, enter the office space. The star is above the metallic unit immediately to your right as you enter. 480BP

In the Morgue, the star is under the table to the left of the exit door. 480BP

Once you exit the elevator, move carefully around the laser room, dropping down a small ladder. Move towards the window and turn left. The star is on the floor to the right of a metal chest with a green herb on top and can be picked up. 480BP

Once you have used the old key you will enter an area where Wall Blisters attack (help!). Make it by any means necessary into the tiny circular room beyond this and before the goal area. The star is on the ceiling above you. 9400BP

Stage 18 - Emergency Passageway - 15990BP

In the partially flooded corridors there will be a big explosion in front of a door and a fist Hunter will attack. Move towards the now fallen girders blocking that door and the star is on the left wall just behind them (we have circled this in red). You can also get this from a distance before triggering the explosion. 520BP

When you drop down to the area where you have to turn the valve to stop the steam, immediately turn 180 degrees. The star is on your left beneath the platform you jumped from. 2480BP

Once you have stopped the steam, continue along the path (beware of the Wall Blister). The star is to your left between the fourth and fifth vertical pipes (we have circled this in red). 520BP

After climbing the very long ladder, immediately look up and right and the star is on the wall above a pipe. 2480BP

Once you reach the Side Deck, move along the deck until you are out from under the covered area (this is just before you get to the hanging lifeboat). Turn 180 degrees and aim up and left. The star is on the wall high above the covered area you just came from (we have circled this in red). If you can't see it, back up slightly. 9990BP

Stage 19 - Terragrigia 2 - 6300BP

Use an old key to enter the stairwell and go up to the fourth floor. Enter the corridor and move around to the right. The star is on a wall behind a red Danger sign. 400BP

Enter the locker room and head for the exit door. The star is behind a folded table leaning against the wall to the right of the door. You can pick this up. 2550BP

Use an old key to enter the small storage room on the side of the corridor marked M3-2 on the third floor. Go around the shelves to the left and turn 180 degrees to see the star behind a chair. You may need to back up a bit to see it. 400BP

In the entrance hall, head downstairs and go behind the reception desk. The star is underneath the desk slightly to the left of centre (we have circled this in red). 400BP

In the Command Room, head down the furthest left aisle between the desks. The star is on the bench of the desk nearest the front. 2550BP

Stage 20 - Mad Banquet - 16480BP

From the entrance, walk to the right and find the chair trapped under a rock to the left of a pillar. The star is on the floor beneath the chair and can be hard to spot (we have circled this in red). Stand slightly to the left of the pillar and walk backwards until you can see it. 9900BP

From the entrance, head to the far right corner. The star is high on the wall to your right, above the walkway and to the left of a pillar. 4950BP

From the entrance, head left and around the pile of wooden debris. Turn to face the wall with the double doors and the star is on the floor in the middle of the mess (we have circled this in red). 1630BP

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