Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode - BP Star Walkthrough - Abyss - Stages 14-16

Stage 14 - Flood - 12780BP

From the start of the stage, turn right and head up the ladder. Follow the tunnel and jump into the water. The star is on the floor of the water-filled passage, under the Sea Creeper (we have circled this in red). You can pick this up without throwing a Pulse Grenade, although that does make things easier. 350BP

From the start, jump into the water and swim straight down to the bottom. The star is on the floor at the bottom centre of your map. Be careful not to run out of air! 2280BP

From the start, jump into the water, dive down and take the door on the left (this is at the top of your on-screen map). Follow the path, through the doors, using airholes when necessary. Once you reach the bulkhead control room, swim through the broken window and turn immediately right. Swim through a smaller broken window and swim forwards, following the path around to another door. Swim through the next room into an area with stairs and an airhole. Swim through the door here to enter a water-filled area with metal gates at either end (these lead to the upper and lower levels of the Engine Room). Take the gate at the left end, into the lower level, following the walkway around and exit the other door on the same level. Swim up and right, then right again into the end door (this is a locked door in the Bilge levels of Raid). Swim around the large tank and the star is on top of a low metal cupboard, next to a Pulse Grenade. Don't forget to use airholes when necessary! 350BP

Once you have an old key, make your way back to the start of the stage and go through the double doors. Follow the passage to the end and the star is on the wall to the right of the elevator. 350BP

Enter the flooded Hold and swim forward under the container. Turn immediately left and the star is resting on top of another container. You can pick this up. 350BP

In the room with the giant fish tank, head towards the goal area and face right. The star is on a girder with electrical wires hanging from it. 9100BP

Stage 15 - Zenobia - 7830BP

Use an old key to enter the Emergency Communication Room (upstairs, behind the giant clock in the Hall). The star is between the smouldering console and some tall computer equipment, opposite the Weapon Case. You can pick this up. 180BP

In the Upper Cabins, enter room 302 using an old key (this is where you find the shotgun in Campaign). Move around the bed and the star is on the wall to the right of the bedside cabinet (watch out for the Pincer in the closet!) and can be hit with your knife. 850BP

Right at the end of the stage, on the helipad on the Foredeck, the star is on the door on the rear of the container. You can hit this with your knife. 6800BP

Stage 16 - Airstrip - 3860BP

After the bunk room, follow the path around and down. At the bottom of the stairs look to the right and the star is on the wall to the left of a pipe. 510BP

After you exit the elevator, head forwards to the power supply unit with cables coming out of it. Stand with your character's shoulder to the crate and the star is on the floor in the gap between the unit and the crate. You can pick this up if you get close enough. 510BP

After you exit the elevator, head forwards and climb onto the crate. Turn left and you will see the star on the wall above two stacked metal crates opposite you. 2330BP

After you exit the elevator, head forwards and left to the platform where the goal spawns. The star is hidden underneath on some boxes on the opposite site to the ladder and can be picked up. 510BP

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