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Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode - BP Star Walkthrough - Bonus Stage - The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship is an excellent way to collect a lot of BP in a relatively short space of time. There are a total of 21 score stars hidden throughout the map, split into three different values (710BP, 3580BP and 10000BP).

Everybody plays Ghost Ship differently, depending on their overall goal. However, our typical run-through is a farming trip to collect the majority of the stars, plus two weapon cases (on the Side Deck and Bridge) and three custom parts (Laboratory, illegal parts on the Side Deck, and Upper Cabins). It is difficult to provide a linear walkthrough for each star, so we have roughly based our guide on the order you visit the locations in Raid Mode.

Our usual route is Crew Quarters Area - Casino - Bilge Passageway - Hold - Epidemic Prevention Block - Laboratory - Emergency Passageway - Side Deck - Bridge - Upper Cabins - Deck and earns 70030BP (we usually run through the Side Deck but there is another 10000BP there as well). This route avoids too many of the instant kill type of enemy (but not all) and is relatively safe for any competent player at a decent level with decent guns and parts.

Upper Cabins - 10710BP

In the room marked "Toilette" on the balcony, enter and turn right. The star is very well hidden behind the bright white light between the two broken mirrors. 710BP

Around the corner from room 302 is a wall safe. The star can be picked up from inside it. 10000BP

Lower Cabins - 4290BP

In the Cafeteria, enter the Anchor door at the top of the small set of stairs. Turn right and aim up and the star is on the ceiling (we have circled this in red). 710BP

In room 200 enter the bathroom. The star is on the wall behind the shower curtain. You can hit this with your knife. 3580BP

Promenade Deck - 13580BP

To get this star you must enter the Promenade Deck from the Hall rather than the elevator on the Bridge/Deck. Turn right and follow the path through the doors, until you reach the Promenade Deck. Make your way to the lower level via the stairs before using the shutter (you can't get back to this area once you've gone through). Head into the tiny room with shelves and the Lifebuoy door. Turn 180 degrees after entering and the star is behind the open door you just came through. You can hit this with your knife. 3580BP

You can get this star whether you enter the area from the Hall or the elevator. On the lower level of the Promenade Deck, face the double Lifebuoy doors. The star is under the awning to your right. 10000BP

Casino - 710BP

Coming into the Casino from the surveillance room, head down the stairs towards the balcony ahead. Turn right down the far row of Neptune's Wave machines and the star is to your right, between the last two machines. This can be picked up. 710BP

Hall - 710BP

Head for the top floor of the Hall. Move in either direction around the path until you are behind the huge clock. Aim up and the star is high on the decorative wall, above the arch (we have circled this in red). Because of its colour, it is well hidden. 710BP

Solarium - 710BP

Climb to the top of the diving board in the Solarium and turn 180 degrees. The star is on the ground of the semi-circular platform ahead of you (we have circled this in red). 710BP

Observation Deck - 710BP

Take the elevator in the Hall to the Observation Deck. Walk around to the right until you see a square hole in the ceiling near the bins. Aim up and the star is on the ceiling of the room above (we have circled this in red). 710BP

Epidemic Prevention Block - 4290BP

After leaving the flooded Hold using the old key on the underwater door, swim until you reach the flooded stairwell guarded by two Sea Creepers. Swim to the bottom and the star is on a shelf to the left of the blocked door. You can pick this one up. 710BP

Enter the Epidemic Prevention Block and turn right and jump through the broken window. Turn left and head towards the fingerprint registration device. The star is on the top shelf of the bookcase above the computer. 3580BP

Laboratory - 13580BP

Enter the central circular area of the Laboratory with the red viral tank. Head to the unopenable elevator at the far end and turn 180 degrees. Look right and the star is on the edge of the metallic platform (we have circled this in red). 10000BP

From the central circular area, look towards the large door which led you to the Laboratory. The star is under the walkway (we have circled this in red). 3580BP

Emergency Passageway - 17160BP

In the area with two Ooze and a burning door, drop down to the water below. Turn left and the star is in the corner of the room to the right of three pipes to your left. 10000BP

In the L-shaped corridor after the room with exploded boilers (there is sometimes an Armoured Ooze at the top of the steps here), turn left immediately after coming through the door. The star is high up on the wall here. 3580BP

After leaving the L-shaped corridor (this loads the next area), you will be on a walkway high above some flames. Move about halfway along the walkway and turn 180 degrees. The star is above the door you just came through. You may need to back up if you can't see it. 3580BP

Side Deck - 10000BP

Once you reach the Side Deck, move along the deck until you are under the overhead lifeboat. Turn 180 degrees and the star is high on the wall above the covered area (we have circled this in red). The best way to spot this is to stand beneath the propeller of the lifeboat and aim up through the gap in the objects on top of the covered area. 10000BP

Bridge - 13580BP

In the Conference Room underneath the Bridge, the star is in the wall safe directly opposite where you enter. You can pick this up. 3580BP

On the Bridge, when facing the windows, the star is on the floor behind the left side of the main smouldering console. 10000BP

Deck - 10000BP

There are two ways to get this star, depending on whether you wish to fight the enemies on the Foredeck or not. If you do want to fight them, step out onto the helipad. Turn to the right and look down over the railings to the base of the crane. It is very well hidden on the ground of the lower area that you can't get to, and is easy to miss during the heat of battle. If you can't see it, you may need to adjust your position until you do.

Alternatively, from the safety of the walkway outside the lounge area of the Deck, you can shoot this if you are carrying a sniper rifle. Stand next to the floodlight on your right as you look at the helipad. Aim and fully zoom through the railing towards the base of the crane and the tank next to it. You should just see the glimmer of the edge of the star (we have circled this in red). Your sniper's aim marker will light up when the shot is on. This is actually when your crosshairs are aimed slightly above the piece of the star you can see. You may need a couple of attempts, but it is possible to hit it. 10000BP

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