Friday, 30 October 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Tower Emblems Guide - Episode 2 - Contemplation

1/9 - In the Fishing Village the Emblem is on the chimney of the blue building near the beach, close to the location where Pedro first offers assistance with the drill. You can get this with Claire or Barry and you need to shoot it.

2/9 - Exit the Wossek and go around to the right. Head underneath the metal walkway, not up the stairs and keep going right behind the Wossek. The Emblem is on the floor and can be hit with the knife, crowbar or a brick. You can get this with either Claire or Barry.

3/9 - In the area with the canopy and burnt out cars look towards the tower block on the left as you enter. The Emblem is in the third floor window in the centre of the block. It is easier to hit with a rifle but is possible to hit with a well-aimed handgun shot. You can get this with Claire or Barry.

4/9 - After leaving the Operating Room in the Facility go down the metal staircase and around to the right. The Emblem is under the stairs in this outside area. You can get this with either Claire or Barry and you will need to shoot it.

5/9 - After using the elevator head for the large hole in the wall. Aim down and left to see the Emblem on top of packing crates below. Shoot this before you jump across the gap. You can only get this with Claire.

6/9 - As Barry you will reach a demolished hut as you work your way to the Fishing Village. The Emblem is on a broken wall to the right and can be shot or hit with a brick. This Emblem can only be obtained with Barry.

7/9 - Use the movable box to climb onto the roof of the hut as you work to obtain the Back Gate Key. Look to the cliffs on the left from on the roof to shoot the Emblem. You can only get this with Barry.

8/9 - In the building where you need to drill the doorway opposite the broken elevator, climb the stairs to the second floor and follow the corridor around until you reach the elevator lobby on this floor. Have the Natalia walk across the elevator shaft and through the crawlspace in order to let Barry through the locked door. Once Barry enters the room turn to the left to see the Emblem on top of a collapsed bookshelf. You can only get this as Barry and you will need to shoot it.

9/9 - After entering the Tower look up and right when facing the red poster. The Emblem is on the wreckage of the building and needs to be shot. You can only get this as Barry.

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