Friday, 31 May 2013

Resident Evil 6 - Serpent Emblem Walkthrough - Chris & Piers - Chapter 4

* You can get emblem 14 before emblem 13 if you wish. However, Chris' collection cabinet displays them in the following order *

13. Chapter 4.1 - Aircraft Carrier - Rear Hanger - After using the missile to open the bulkhead, drop to the ground, run to the far right of the area and open the double doors marked "Lock" with your partner. Once outside, look for the searchlights of the smaller vessel to the side of the ship you are on. Using a sniper rifle, look for the mast just above the left searchlight (we have cicled this in red). The emblem is rolling gently along a horizontal section of the mast and will require exceptional aim.

14. Chapter 4.1 - Aircraft Carrier - Rear Hanger - After pulling the lever to bring the steps down, kick the ladder and head down, triggering a cutscene where a jet takes off. Go down the stairs and either jump to the crate to the left and then to the floor or take the stairs all the way. Either way, once on the ground head to the open rear cargo door of the large helicopter and enter. Run all the way to the front of the helicopter and the emblem is just inside the cockpit. Alternatively, head straight to the helicopter from the start of the level (head forward and to the right after the cutscene). You can also enter the helicopter via the side doors.

15. Chapter 4.2 - Aircraft Carrier - Bridge - While chasing Ada through the ship, you will lower a ladder (or your partner will) and go up. There will be a set of stairs to your right. At the base of the stairs you will see the emblem between the third and fourth steps, near some boxes.

16. Chapter 4.4 - Airspace Over Aircraft Carrier - As Piers, once on the ground, set the charge on the first container. Once it's blown, head forward and jump over the obstacle. Go to your right and the emblem is inside a tyre. As Chris, it is an almost impossible shot from the jet (but we have done it). While protecting Piers, strafe to the right and aim between the two red containers that Piers will blow up. The emblem (we have circled it in red) is just visible near a yellow forklift when zoomed. Spray it with gunfire and hope! You need to get this before Piers blows up the second container. Beware, this whole section is timed, although there is plenty spare to get the emblem and finish, if you don't hang around.

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