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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Military Box Guide

This is a guide to all of the Military Boxes hidden in Claire's Campaign of Resident Evil Revelations 2. We have included pictures of each one to assist you.

This walkthrough is NOT spoiler-free, so we recommend that you have played through the whole game at least once before using our guide. We also do not hold your hand between Boxes or tell you what to kill, when or how. Any times in our pictures are not necessarily representative of the time you will find the Box.

The Boxes need to be opened to reveal the goodies inside. The first time you open a Box you will receive useful items such as Parts Boxes, Expansion Bags and high value gems. Subsequent openings can reveal almost any normal pick-ups: ammo, gems, herbs, bottles etc.

Only Moira can open these Boxes using her crowbar. Move the circle until it glows yellow, then use the shoulder buttons to focus in on that spot. If it stays yellow you will hear a click and a lock will open. If it turns red at any point, re-adjust your circle until it turns yellow again. Some Boxes require you to do this multiple times. On a multi-lock Box, if you fail a lock, any locks that you successfully opened will still count.

Episode 1 - Penal Colony

1 - In the torture chamber where you obtain the Gear Kog there is an assist jump. Boost Moira up and the box is in the corner at the end of the corridor.

2 - In the Library where you get the reading "Excerpt From The Trail", the box is in a dark corner at the back right of the room.

3 - When you reach the covered bridge head left. The box is at the right of the double doors you can't enter.

Episode 2 - Contemplation

1 - At the helicopter, go around to the other side of it. The box is near the front of the 'copter.

2 - At the helicopter, face away from it and go to the left of the area, around a fence. The box is in the shack in this area.

3 - Boost Moira into the building where you find the Battery. The box is on the opposite side of the room from the Battery.

4 - With your back to the doorway of the building where you find the Fuel, go around to the right until you reach a dead end containing the box.

5 - After getting separated from Neil, you will enter a diner with a chequerboard pattern on the floor. The box is on the left before you decend the stairs.

6 - In the operating theatre guarded by Slpoders, the box is in a dark corner to the left as you enter.

Episode 3 - Judgment

1 - In the Kierling courtyard, with your back to the Prometheus statue head to the right of the doors in front of you. The box is in an area between two buildings.

2 - When you obtain the Processing Plant Key, leave the trap room and head left. Enemies will burst out of a locked door. Enter this room to discover the box.

3 - In the Butchery put your back to the barred door, head forwards until you reach the area with pigs hanging from the ceiling. The chest is to the left through the pigs. This area is guarded by a large enemy who is best delt with first.

4 - Go through the barred door into the trap room. Make sure both characters are in the trap area before grabbing the key. Once the blades start, boost Moira up to the metal platform on the left. The box is at the end of the U shaped path. This is very time sensitive as you must get this then rescue Claire for it to count. You can't backtrack to this area later, you only get one chance at it.

5 - In the room with the lever to get the meat moving, the box is on the platform to the right of the lever.

6 - In the timed explosive path, boost Moira up to the right of the trap head doors. Before dropping down, take the path to the left. The box is at the end here. You cannot get back up here once you've dropped down. You should have ample time to unlock this even though it's a lot of locks. You only need about 20 seconds after opening it to make it out of the shutter.

7 - In the Sewers, after Evgeny opens the gate, head straight forwards all the way to the dead end through the tunnel ahead. Climb the ledge on the left side to find the box.

8 - Working through the Sewers, you will reach a high platform where you can boost Moira up. The box is on the ledge.

Episode 4 - Metamorphosis

1 - In the turbine room you will come across a grate held up by two breakable padlocks. Go through here and the box is just ahead to the right.

2 - In the outside timed area, the box is on a lower ledge near the start of the run. It is very possible to die here if you do not step off cautiously. The best way is to side step gently just after the plank on the floor or you may completely overshoot the platform below and plunge to your death. This is timed, but you do have plenty of time.

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