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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Gimmick Box Guide

This is a guide to all of the Gimmick Boxes hidden in Barry's Campaign of Resident Evil Revelations 2. We have included pictures of each one to assist you.

This walkthrough is NOT spoiler-free, so we recommend that you have played through the whole game at least once before using our guide. We also do not hold your hand between Boxes or tell you what to kill, when or how. Any times in our pictures are not necessarily representative of the time you will find the Box.

Some of the Boxes require you to have performed certain actions in previous Episodes, and in Episode 4 you can't collect them all in one run through.

The Boxes need to be opened to reveal the goodies inside. The first time you open a Box you will receive useful items such as Parts Boxes, Expansion Bags and high value gems. Subsequent openings can reveal almost any normal pick-ups: ammo, gems, herbs, bottles etc.

Only Natalia can open these Boxes. Move the circle until it glows yellow, then use the shoulder buttons to focus in on that spot. If it stays yellow you will hear a click and a lock will open. If it turns red at any point, re-adjust your circle until it turns yellow again. Some Boxes require you to do this multiple times. On a multi-lock Box, if you fail a lock, any locks that you successfully opened will still count.

Episode 1 - Penal Colony

1 - The box is in the Control Room of the Penal Colony.

2 - In the forest, follow the path though the trees.. The box is on the left just before you reach the clearing. at the end.

Episode 2 - Contemplation

1 - Go up the slope to the left of the Back Gate, before you go through, and open the wooden gate at the top. The box is to the left as you enter, next to fallen trees.

2 - Drop down into the building where you get the Back Gate Key. The box is on the left of the room.

3 - In the Fishing Village, head for the blue building near the beach with a Tower Emblem on the chimney. Natalia can crawl through a hole into the building to find the box ahead.

4 - Go up the stairs on the outside of the Wossek and follow the meal path around. The box is at the end.

5 - To get this box you need to kill Pedro as Claire and then pick up the drill in the Wossek as Barry. After the area with the large canopy and big blue doors you will find yourself in the area where Claire and Moira got separated from Neil. Go around the corridor and through the double doors. You will now be faced with stairs going up and down. Go all the way up to the top and drill the door open. Go inside the bathroom and jump across to the other building through the hole to the right. The box is to the left when you land.

6 - In the warehouse with the packing crates, the box is to the right of the shutter you use to leave.

7 - In the Operating Theatre guarded by Glasps, the box is to the right of the door that leads out to the electronic gate switch. Proceed with caution!

8 - In Claire's episode, Moira must unbar a door to the left of the drill door opposite the elevator in order for Natalia to be able to enter. The box is to the left of the room.

9 - Inside the Tower, before the climbing the stairs go around to the right, past a burning oil drum. The box is in this smaller room.

Episode 3 - Judgment

1 - In Claire's episode, Moira will unbar a door in the Sewers while Claire deals with a flame-throwing enemy. Before going through this door, jump across to a metal platform on the right and work your way around through an archway and drop down to use a valve handle. This will raise a gate out of the way. Then, as Barry, you will reach an area in the Sewers where Giant Whip Spiders will attack. Go down the stairs and left until you reach a semi-circular opening in the bottom of the wall with a Natalia box visible behind. Crouch down and walk through to open the box.

2 - After opening sluice gate No. 2, Barry must shoot a wooden barricade out of Natalia's way. This clears the path to the box.

3 - When you open the final gate in the sluice section, Natalia can return to the lower area where Barry was. Glasps protect this box in front of a pile of rubble in the centre of the area.

4 - When the path splits in two with a ladder either side, take the right ladder. A Glasp protects the box at the top.

5 - In the Quarry, send the Battery on the first conveyor belt and then use it to boost Natalia up to a tall platform to the right with a box at the top.

Episode 4 - Metamorphosis

In this episode you cannot get all the Gimmick Boxes in one playthrough. Claire's actions in her chapter determine if box 1 or 2 is obtainable in Barry's run through.

1 - In Claire's episode, don't use the sluice gate lever in Alex's control room. In Barry's episode, go down the ladder and up the other side. Natalia can crawl through a hole in a shipping container. Barry must shoot out the lock on another container to allow Natalia access to the box.

2 - In Claire's episode, do use the sluice gate lever in Alex's control room. In Barry's episode, you'll reach a building with a crawlspace into an office. The box is to the left when you enter.

3 - In the gas-filled chamber with a wooden platform in the middle, head for the single lit doorway with a minecart blocking the way. Moving this will reveal stairs to the left and an area with the box further on and to the right. You can open multiple locks on this box in one go if you are quick, but you will need to get some air up the stairs at some point.

4 - After using the Security Card Lv.1, there will be an open room containing two Revenants and a torture device. The box is also in here.

5 - After obtaining the Emblem Key, enter the room with the Grandfather Clock. The box is behind the desk to the left of the clock.

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